People and Performance Podcast

Season Ten Intro Featuring Jacob Morgan, Sue Haywood, Craig Weber and More

November 16, 2023 Fidello Inc. Season 10 Episode 1
People and Performance Podcast
Season Ten Intro Featuring Jacob Morgan, Sue Haywood, Craig Weber and More
Show Notes

In the first episode of season 10, Chris Bjorling and Bill Banham look ahead to the latest season and offer up sound bites from a bunch of awesome new guests including:

  • Jacob Morgan, Keynote & TED Speaker, Futurist, and Host of the Great Leadership Podcast - Jacob is a multi-best-selling author. His latest book is called Leading with Vulnerability: Unlock Your Greatest Superpower to Transform Yourself, Your Team, and Your Organization. 
  • Dr. Sue Haywood, President and Owner at Human Resource Blueprints Ltd and Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour at Queen's University - Sue’s career includes service with the Canadian Armed Forces and HR roles within healthcare, government, and Fortune 500 companies. Sue also serves on the HRPA board of directors.
  • Craig Forman, founder of CultureC Consulting - Over his career, Craig has supported some of the most notable and highly successful organizations to build human-focused, high-performing workplace cultures. Craig recently founded CultureC Consulting following six years as Lead People Scientist at Culture Amp. Craig holds a Master's degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology and is a proud veteran of the US Air Force.
  • Brian Hughes, the VP of Human Resources at First Onsite - Brian is a leader who has found success by making empathy and wellbeing top priorities throughout the years.
  • Craig Weber, author of the best-selling book, "Conversational Capacity: The Secret To Building Successful Teams That Perform When The Pressure Is On" - Craig says he's "on a mission to help people build more healthy, engaged, and adaptive organizations" and he shares practical skills for putting good ideas to work: from running better meetings and making smarter decisions to facilitating more productive change and crafting more effective strategy.


Talking About Ways To Improve Company Culture and People Performance

The People and Performance Podcast is a show that dives into all things related to raising performance in the working world around us. We investigate how technology and HR processes are inextricably linked to the employee experience and the bottom line.

Chris Bjorling, Co-host

Christopher Bjorling is President at Fidello Inc., a consulting and services firm specializing in improving human performance.

For over 30 years Chris has led Fidello in creating unique talent management solutions. Through the products and services he and his team have created over the years, his organization has helped clients design, develop, implement and integrate talent management processes and systems.

Bill Banham, Co-host

Bill Banham, Publisher at The HR Gazette, Host of the popular HRchat Podcast and Organizer of events such as DisruptHR London.

Bill has worked with lots of business tech and HR-focused brands in the UK and North America including HRreview, TalentCulture, HRmarketer, Sprigg HR, and Team Fitness Tool.

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