People and Performance Podcast

How to Hire and Retain a Shrinking Workforce

March 02, 2023 Fidello Inc. Season 7 Episode 6
People and Performance Podcast
How to Hire and Retain a Shrinking Workforce
Show Notes

In a labor market unlike any other in our working lifetime, employers have scrambled to find enough qualified workers for their jobs. Is this a temporary issue, or is a larger problem looming?

To help Chris and Bill answer these questions, they are joined on the People and Performance Podcast by Ben Eubanks, HR analyst, author, fellow podcaster, and Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

As a human capital management industry analyst, Ben helps companies and vendors with strategy, content, and more.

He has been a speaker for over a decade at events such as the SHRM Annual Conference, ATD TechKnowledge, and the HR Technology Conference.

Previously, Ben worked as an "in-the-trenches leader in the HR field" within smaller organizations, government contracting firms, and the non-profit sector.


Talking About Ways To Improve Company Culture and People Performance

The People and Performance Podcast is a show that dives into all things related to raising performance in the working world around us. We investigate how technology and HR processes are inextricably linked to the employee experience and the bottom line.

Chris Bjorling, Co-host

Christopher Bjorling is President at Fidello Inc., a consulting and services firm specializing in improving human performance.

For over 30 years Chris has led Fidello in creating unique talent management solutions. Through the products and services he and his team have created over the years, his organization has helped clients design, develop, implement and integrate talent management processes and systems.

Bill Banham, Co-host

Bill Banham, Publisher at The HR Gazette, Host of the popular HRchat Podcast and Organizer of events such as DisruptHR London.

Bill has worked with lots of business tech and HR-focused brands in the UK and North America including HRreview, TalentCulture, HRmarketer, Sprigg HR, and Team Fitness Tool.

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