People and Performance Podcast

SHRM's Chief Knowledge Officer on Building Better Workplaces

June 22, 2022 Fidello Inc. Season 4 Episode 10
People and Performance Podcast
SHRM's Chief Knowledge Officer on Building Better Workplaces
Show Notes

Hot on the heals of the SHRM 2022 Conference and Expo in New Orleans, today's episode features SHRM's Chief Knowledge Officer, Alexander Alonso, PhD SHRM-SCP.

As a subject matter expert in organizational psychology, Alex speaks from both a personal and professional perspective on team diversity being a source of strength.

SHRM's research has reported that stifling certain types of speech leads to knowledge silos and anxiety. The key, Alex explains to Bill Banham, is to equip leaders with the tools and information needed to engage in these conversations and build effective workplaces. And we discussed that in this episode.

Listen too, to learn about Alex's recent session at SHRM22 called “Talking Taboo: Making the Most of Polarizing Discussions at Work”.

Questions For Alex Include:

  • You lead operations for SHRM's Certified Professional and Senior Certified Professional certifications. How has the syllabus changed as a result of the pandemic, the great resignation, and the changed expectations of employees?
  • You’ll be speaking at multiple sessions at SHRM22. Can you tell me a little about them?
  • You’ve recently released a new book, “Talking Taboo: Making the Most of Polarizing Discussion at Work”. Can you tell us more?
  • "Based on research we found at SHRM, 92% of workers have witnessed or been a part of taboo conversations in the workplace," You go on to write. "Now more than ever, companies need to learn to navigate these new tenuous work environments." So why now? Why is now the time for companies to get a better handle on how to manage taboo discussions? 
  • Does this tie in with your partnership with Moral Courage College and its Diversity Without Division Program. If so, how?

This episode was recorded a few days before #SHRM22

Btw, co-hosts Chris Bjorling and Bill Banham met lots of awesome HR pros, leaders and vendors at the SHRM Annual Conference and Expo. Many of whom, will be featured on the People and Performance show and the HRchat podcast over the coming months.

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